You can leave it all to us.

Managing construction projects can be a hassle...

Piecing together various services for a construction project can be a headache. Between managing various specialists to carefully aligning schedules with materials delivery, the process can be immensely taxing. Even when a project is done, if and when changes are necessary, the lack of cohesive accountability can quickly turn claiming responsibility into a blame game.

...which is why you can leave them to us.

For this reason, Ellsworth Construction is very excited to provide total site construction solutions for your project. Because we can offer everything your road construction project needs to succeed, there are no logistical headaches and no games of responsibility hot potato. Our total site solutions ensure one cohesive process and one central authority for all questions and concerns.


Earthwork Services

Any road construction project is only as good as the earth beneath it. For this reason, Ellsworth Construction cuts no corners when it comes to providing quality earthwork to every project. World-class personnel in combination with the proper equipment means a successful removal of rocks, trees, and other elements in the way of laying a lasting foundation. Our earthwork specialists are also adept at clearing out and leveling out any terrain — ready for your new project on time and on budget.    

Utility Construction Services

The success or failure of any construction project is in the details. One of those details is the design and execution of the proper utilities and how they’re integrated into the project’s design. Whether it’s a major highway, residential street, or even an airport runway, properly accounting for integrated electrical, water, gas, and sewer lines is crucial for any construction project. Fortunately, the experienced professionals from Ellsworth Construction can accommodate a variety of utility integrations with projects large and small, simple or complex, commercial or residential.   

Concrete Construction Services

While all areas of construction require keen attention to detail, concrete is an immensely unforgiving medium when its execution is miscalculated or poorly implemented. Mistakes and improper processes make for tremendously costly and time-wasting setbacks for any project. Fortunately for Ellsworth Construction clients, our team of experienced concrete construction specialists is second to none — providing thorough attention to detail and timely results. No matter how exacting the standards are — from ODOT specifications for city streets, curb and gutter work, sidewalks, and residential streets — Ellsworth has a reputation for delivering top-tier concrete construction services.

Asphalt Construction Services

City streets, highways, and runways are literally “where the rubber meets the road” for Oklahoma’s families, commuters, transport workers, and anyone taking to the skies. For this reason, asphalt construction that meets strict specifications and standards is instrumental in keeping the public safe. Ready to meet the most rigorous asphalt construction demands are the asphalt professionals of Ellsworth Construction. From municipalities to airports, Ellsworth Construction has been meeting strict city, highway, and even FAA runway requirements for asphalt construction for decades.


Transporting materials by truck seems relatively straightforward. However, doing so in a professional manner means abiding by the highest safety standards, ensuring the protection of hauled materials, and coordinating with support team members — all the while abiding by a carefully defined timetable. Balancing all of these elements is the experienced trucking staff of Ellsworth Construction. Anyone utilizing our trucking services can trust that every aspect of safe road transport is being practiced with our world-class trucking professionals’ utmost precision. 

Pavement Maintenance

Ellsworth Pavement Maintenance is a division of Ellsworth Construction. EPM proudly delivers quality sealcoat, asphalt & concrete repair, crack fill, striping, and more.
Oklahoma's quality pavement maintenance company, what sets them apart is the connection with Ellsworth construction. They are  one stop shop for all your pavement needs,
from a wheel stop, to a pothole, to a seal coat and restripe to a full mill and overlay…our teams can do it all!

Come Play in the Dirt with Us

Are you looking to take your career in construction to the next level? We’re always looking for construction professionals to join the Ellsworth family. We believe in growing from within, providing opportunities for upward mobility from within our teams.