Come Play in the Dirt With Us.

We don’t hire great people to build great roads—we build great roads to hire great people.

Are you a construction professional looking for a company that will help foster the growth of your career? Ellsworth Construction is looking for career-minded team members to deliver the highest quality results to its clients.

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Upward Mobility

We don’t believe in dead-end positions. We want to see you thrive. Because of this, Ellsworth Construction is dedicated to helping construction professionals develop their skills and experience to receive the opportunity to grow upward within the company.

Employee-Driven Decisions

No company decisions are created in a vacuum, and we always want to receive worker input from all divisions and skillsets.

Safety, Safety. Safety

Our highest goal for our team members is that they return to their families every night safe and happy. To preserve our staff’s health and safety, we’re obsessed with safety measures to protect workers from work-related injuries and illnesses.

One of the best things I’ve done for my personal growth is join the Ellsworth Team

Timeline: 2013  Shop helper – 2015 Assistant Mechanic  – 2017 Fuel Driver --- 2020  Asphalt Equipment Manager

It has been an amazing ride, with an amazing company

Timeline: 2012 – Construction laborer, 2014 – Haul truck driver , 2016 heavy equipment hauler, 2017 director of Ellsworth Trucking

Building quality roads for the safety of our neighbors and their families makes our team proud

Timeline: 2004 – Construction laborer, 2008 - heavy Equipment operator, 2014 – Foreman

Come Play in the Dirt with Us

Are you looking to take your career in construction to the next level? We’re always looking for construction professionals to join the Ellsworth family. We believe in growing from within, providing opportunities for upward mobility from within our teams.